Meet Our Novel Platform

Biological Dynamics's proprietary lab-on-a-chip (LOC) platform, Verita™ uses  AC Electrokinetics (ACE) for isolation of nanoparticles and macromolecules from biofluids, such as whole blood, plasma and serum.

The unique capability of our platform is its use of the direct-to-analyte approach for nanoparticles isolation. This approach removes the need for lengthy sample prep or dilution required by other platforms. As a result, our team is utilizing the platform to develop minimally invasive diagnostic assays that detect biomarkers, such as cell-free DNA, exosomal proteins, and other cellular particles of interest from 50-250µL samples in less than 40 minutes.

Initial platform applications have been demonstrated in oncology, infectious disease, cardiovascular disease and trauma.


Unique Capabilities of ACE Platform


No Sample Prep, No Dilution. The platform offers a direct-to-analyte capability in high conductivity solutions, such as from whole blood, serum and plasma.

Rapid seamless sample-to-answer platform. The ACE platform processes 250µL of fluid in under 40 minutes.

How ACE Works

Our platform uses AC Electrokinetics (ACE) to create an electronic size-based band-pass filter capable of inducing a dipole on particles of interest and attracts them to specific locations on a microelectrode array.

The platform uses digital fluorescence microscopy to measure relative concentration of isolated nanoparticles of interest.

The ACE filter is generated using a specific voltage / frequency algorithm and microelectrode array geometry. It isolates particles of interest based on their relative 3D conformation in a fluid matrix and pulls them to specific locations on a microelectrode array.


When interrogating whole blood, serum or plasma, the filter isolates naturally occurring endogenous nanoparticles that fall into a 50nm - 1000nm (0.05µm to 1µm) range, including:

  • Cellular debris (remnants of apoptotic and necrotic cell death, including oligonucleosomes and other lipid-nucleo-protein complexes)
  • Products generated by active exocytosis (such as exosomes)
  • Actively secreted materials due to leaky cell membrane
  • Aggregated proteins