Oncology Pipeline

Treatment Response Monitoring with OmniVerita™ System

OmniVerita™ is the first system developed by Biological Dynamics. The system includes a benchtop OmniVerita™ analyzer and a growing portfolio of treatment response monitoring OncoState™ assays.

OncoState™ Lung is the first assay developed by Biological Dynamics. The OncoState™ Lung is intended to assist clinicians in evaluating whether a NSCLC patient undergoing systemic therapy is responding to the treatment. This test requires a only small blood sample and the results are available in 30 minutes with minimal hands-on time.

How OncoState™ Lung Works

The OncoState™ Lung assay is designed to be used in conjunction with other treatment response modalities.

The OncoState™ Lung assay isolates and quantifies cell-free dsDNA directly from plasma of lung cancer patients undergoing systemic therapies. Studies have suggested that the change in concentration of the serially measured dsDNA correlates with treatment response in cancers.


OncoState™ Lung Development Status. We have a number of ongoing academic and clinical collaborations evaluating TR(ACE)™ performance and utility in clinical settings for multiple cancers. We are also pursuing regulatory clearance for  OncoState™ Lung in key geographies.