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Our AC Electrokinetic advantage for target enrichment of cell-free nucleic acids can be used in other applications, including autoimmune diseases, transplant rejection, infectious disease, trauma and traumatic brain injury. It can also be used for protein-based immunoassays “magnetic bead-like” using antibodies or apatamer chemistry.


Cell-free DNA has been shown to be a marker for graft rejection in multiple organ models.  Potential applications include therapeutic response monitoring to anti-rejection therapies, or as a marker for negative prediction in the case of standard biopsy protocols.

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Circulating Cell-Free DNA Enables Noninvasive Diagnosis of Heart Transplant Rejection., by Iwijn De Vlaminck,Hannah A. Valantine, Thomas M. Snyder, Calvin Strehl, Garrett Cohen, Helen Luikart, Norma F. Neff, Jennifer Okamoto, Daniel Bernstein, Dana Weisshaar,Stephen R. Quake, and Kiran K. Khush. Science Translational Medicine 18 JUN 2014 : 241RA77


Cell-free DNA in human follicular fluid has been identified as a novel, non-invasive marker of embryo quality useful in improving IVF outcomes.  Similar testing of sperm DNA fragmentation index (DFI) levels using the platform may provide an indicator of sperm utility in IVF.


Biological Dynamic's' platform is able to separate both organic and inorganic/manufactured particles in whole blood and serum.  Existing applications include monitoring drug-delivery particles, and could be extended to conjugated nanoparticles used with a variety of labels for detecting infectious diseases or other pathogens in a variety of media.