Biological Dynamics CEO, Raj Krishnan, Presents on August 19, 2015 at Next Generation Dx Summit 2015

Biological Dynamics CEO, Raj Krishnan, PhD, introduced "Quantification of Circulating Biomarkers from Plasma and Serum Using AC Electrokinetic" presentation at the 7th Annual Next Generation Diagnostics Summit at Washington, DC. 

"The interest in the isolation, quantification, and analysis of cell-free biomarkers directly from blood has grown exponentially since we started Biological Dynamics. Biomarkers, such as cell-free DNA (cfDNA), have been established as indicators of cancer; however, until recently, our ability to easily track and quantify cfDNA has been rather limited " - said Raj Krishnan - "It was a privilege to be able to introduce the ACE platform to the Summit's audience and share our latest data that speaks to our potential for treatment response monitoring in Oncology and early diagnosis of many diseases."